4 Starter Pack for Beginners


This pack of 4 Electronics kits is designed to help beginners gain experience and skills with basic soldering skills, recognizing components, and some introductory assembly techniques. Increasing in complexity from the Soldering Trainer  Kit, to the FK109 (2 LED Flasher) , then the FK908 (Soil Moisture Indicator) and finally on to the FK233 (Wailing Siren).


This 4 Kit Bonanza offer is intended as an introductory way into assembling electronics kits, and has been developed for those who have no previous experience with Electronics assembly techniques.

The 4 kits offer a graduated path of learning by gently adding increasing levels of skill and complexity. A very detailed set of construction guides with step-by-step photos are also available for free download.  Just write and ask us for your free copy.

Consists of 4 electronics kits to be assembled:
‚ÄĘ Start with the ‚ÄúSoldering Trainer Kit‚ÄĚ to learn, practice and improve your soldering skills.
A dedicated YouTube tutorial (less than 8 minutes) for this kit is available at
‚ÄĘ FK109 is a fun kit to build which is a 2 LED flasher with adjustable flashing rate.
–¬† For a Demonstration and some applications ideas please see our YouTube
video    https://youtu.be/6WZ5yN-ifQs 
–¬† For detailed Construction guide of this kit, please see our Tutorial Video at
‚ÄĘ FK908 is a novel ‚Äúsoil moisture‚ÄĚ indicator which has proven very popular with young gardeners¬† (And the Teachers of Young Gardeners too).
For an introductory video on this kit, please visit   https://youtu.be/Cxv8Ijx847g
‚ÄĘ FK233 is a siren similar to many alarms.
Teacher notes available for this kit lead onto thinking about different component values and
introduce concepts of using basic mathematics to predict frequency and timing.
(They introduce the principles of an RC oscillator and suggest some extension
activities of testing with different values to hear what happens).

Detailed  construction guides with step-by-step photos available to teachers upon request.

All  kits operate from a 9V battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 7 cm