5 Starter Pack Original Bonanza


This is our original 5 Starter Kit Bonanza.

It is five affordable, easy-to-build projects with detailed Construction Guides.
Very popular with schools as the kits move from introductory level up to modules which are often used as part of a Systems Design project..

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5 Starter Kits Bonanza
5 Starter Kits Bonanza

Just starting out with electronics or retired and taking it up again as a hobby?¬† We’ve packaged five affordable, easy-to-build projects to get you under way.
Your pack consists of:
a. FK109 2 LED Flasher Рa great way to start РTakes less than one hour to assemble for a very satisfying result.  Visibly demonstrates the operation of a basic astable multivibrator.
(For a demonstration and some Application Ideas, please see our video at https://youtu.be/6WZ5yN-ifQs )
(For a detailed guide on assembling the FK109 kit, please see our video at https://youtu.be/RKEuVCDTIx8 )
b. FK233 Emergency Vehicle Siren –¬†A simple “warble” siren which employs two oscillators. Lends itself to experimentation with different component values and learning about wave reflections which impact on the perceived volume of ¬†the speaker.
c. FK908 Soil Moisture Indicator РUses the resistivity of soil to measure its moisture content. Relative moisture indicated by Red, Amber and Green LEDS.  Excellent class room project.
( For Introductory video https://youtu.be/Cxv8Ijx847g   )
d. FK602 2Watt Audio Amplifier.  This uses the speaker from the FK233 Siren to make a powerful, compact amplifier suitable for building into your own enclosures. (Extra speakers available on request)
e. FK401 Light Activated Switch. Can be used to switch locks, gates, and lights in response to daylight – FK403 Dark Operated Switch may be substituted if requested.

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