KSBB-03 Boom Box Project (2 Watt Stereo , Full features with external Plug Pack)


Interface your MP3 player or iPod to this 2 Watt stereo Amp. Ideal project for Wood Tech or Systems Tech. This version comes with external Plug pack to operate from mains electricity.


Boom Box Project Kit to interface to a standard 3.5 mm Phono jack such as iPod or MP3 Players.
Kit consists of :

1 X FK675 Stereo Amplifier with 2 X Loud speakers (2 Watt rated Amplifier)

1 X 3.5mm Phono Plug (Stereo)

2 X Speaker Cables

1 X Input Cable (Shielded stereo type)

1 X 12V DC Plug Pack (Australian Standards Approved)

1 X 2.1mm Power socket

1 X ON/OFF Switch

1 X Dual Gang Potentiometer (10K Ohms)

1 X Know to suit Potentiometer


Extensive Construction Notes available. Student Construction Notes include step-by-step photos, Component Identification Exercise, and Trouble Shooting Guide.

The student notes are aimed at allowing students to work at their own pace, and achieve a high probability of success.

Also includes Teacher Resource Guide for:

  • Tips on avoiding common problems.
  • Wiring the 3.5mm Phono Plug for most common standards.


When built, students can use their MP3 player (or iPod) to control the volume of play back.


Ideal project for “Wood Tech”  or “Systems Tech” which students can take home.


Discounts available for class sets. Contact us for your custom quotation, delivery availability and any extra support you may need.


Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 35.0 × 18.5 × 15.0 cm