D8 HB 600 24″ 7 Segment Display


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D8 HB 600 24″ (approx 600mm) High Brightness 7 Segment Display features state-of-the-art elliptical LED Technology for superior daylight visibility over a 150 degree arc.
This professional grade display is suitable for price signage, sports scoreboards and stop-watches, industrial timers and production displays.
Higher Contrast D8 HB LEDS are mounted on a black PCB for greater contrast.
High LED density
Adaptable Interface: Each D8 HB 600 is equipped with a Synchronous Serial Interface, line drivers and segment drivers. Simple circuit modifications allow users to access the segments directly or via the on-board transistor drivers.

 12V DC at 1.5Amps  (full “8” displayed)
LEDs: 595pcs Red, 5000mcd Elliptical Diffused 150 degree visibility – (
Character Size: 560mm x 310mm (PCB size 600mm x 350mm)

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Dimensions 60.0 × 35.0 × 2.5 cm