KSDVMAC-500 60-500VAC Panel Meter



The KSDVMAC -500 AC DIGITAL VOLTMETER 60-500VAC is part of a growing range of smart, easy-to-use, and versatile digital meters that match their analogue counterparts for price and performance
This series of meters will allow the small volume users, schools and hobbyists and trades people to add the professional touch to power monitors, power supplies or bench-top instruments.
Easily installed, with their snap-fit 48mmx29mm bezels, these meters feature highly visible,Red  0.56″ LED displays.  

Display: 3 x 0.56″ Red 7 segment LED Displays
Refresh rate: approx. 2 cycles/sec.
Voltage Range: AC 60-500V
Measurement accuracy:  1 %(+/- 1 digit)
Power Supply: AC 60-500V
Operating temperature: -10C – +85C
Size: 48mmx29mmx20mm
Wiring: Two Wire