Long Running LED Chaser System (34-41 LEDs)


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This system kit is designed to permit very long runs of LED “Chasers”. (These are also sometimes known as “Running Lights”).

This system kit is designed to allow use of inexpensive, easy to assemble Existing Kits which can be “Cascaded”. It comes with a very detailed “How To” Instruction guide , explaining how the cascading can be expanded out to almost any number of LED’s.

A fun example of a simple “System” design and application using different sub-modules.

Included with this system kit are: 5 x FK115 10 LED Running Light standard kits, 1 x KSK115 Cascading Interface Module and a very detailed step-by-step set of notes and photographs of how to modify the Standard FK115 so that it can cascade out to more LED’s.

For a video of the system working, visit our YouTube Demonstration at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AByFjgVCqh4